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Dubai is of course very well known for it's Desert Safari's and come highly recommended for those who don't mind being thrown about the back of a car whilst going up, down and around the dunes in the desert.


The normal (day trip) is to get picked up at a location in Dubai, whether it be a Hotel or where you live. You will be driven about half an hour out into the desert in either a Land Cruiser or something similar (normally in a convoy with other similar vehicles from the same company). The drivers will often stop for prayer at a Mosque near some shops where you can buy souvenirs and then you'll head over onto the sand for some serious Dune Bashing. Hold on tight as they really do throw the cars around, although it's great fun and amazing when you realise what these everyday cars can actually do. 


You'll then stop to watch the sun set over the dunes and afterwards head to your desert camp, where there will be a BBQ and Belly Dancing before heading home.


(There is also normally an overnight option where you camp in the desert, which you can look for on the websites for the companies below).


Here are some of the companies we know of in Dubai with direct links to their websites:


Arabian Adventures


Dubai Desert Safari


Desert Tours Dubai


Phoenix Desert Safari Tours


Desert Safari Company