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Our "Memorable Picks"

The Outlet Village

15th November 2016

Well, it's actually been a couple of weeks since we've featured a "Pick of the Week", as we've been busy building some other exciting content for Dubpats and you'll see that all coming online very soon.


For this week's Pick of the Week, we bring to you The Outlet Village.

This fantastic Mall can be found in the Jebel Ali area and near to the new Dubai Parks. Just head in the direction of Abu Dhabi through Jebel Ali and you should see the sign posts.

We found it very easy to find and there was plenty of parking available right outside. The Mall houses some of the finest fashion brands at discounted prices and there are a good selection of places to grab a bite to eat as well. There are plenty of shops, however half a day should probably be plenty to make your way around all of them and leave time for a food stop as well. 

The main thing we found extremely refreshing was the fact that everything seemed to come in most sizes and not just the really small or really large items, as you can often find in discount stores. There really are some great discounts to be found as well.

For more information on what's there, you can visit our page on The Outlet Village via this link - click here

For those of you who are a bit partial to Chocolate, Dub-Brat was a massive fan of Godiva and we had to drag her out kicking and screaming in the end!

UFC Gym - Grand Opening

24th October 2016

So this week saw the DubBrat head off to the opening of a new Gym in Dubai. Yes, we thought it was incredibly odd too, however we realised quite swiftly that it was Michael Bispings UFC World Middleweight belt she had her eye on and not Michael himself (phew). Despite her intentions of never setting foot in a gym for the rest of her life, the feedback was startlingly positive. This is the start of numerous gyms across the region, this being the flagship. Boasting a real life 24 foot Octagon and boasting to be the only gym where adults & children and men & women can train on the mat together, it has an amazing offering. COO George Yiasemides told DubBrat that the idea is not only for people who want to emulate the fitness of the UFC fighters and MMA, it is also about providing an atmosphere and a place where both male & female and family can work towards a healthier lifestyle (DubBrat is not on board with this healthy lifestyle business).


They host classes, strength training and cardio machines, battle ropes, agility ladders, bag room, large mat areas featuring Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling and other martial arts for youth and adults (self defence for women which is incredibly forward thinking and exactly the offering we should be seeing), as well as freestyle and a café (DubBrat had a hot chocolate; there is no helping some people).


The icing on the cake was the chance to meet UFC Middleweight  champion Michael Bisping, who was not only funny, but also gracious in giving so much time to questions, queries and endless photographs with incredibly good humour. He was also telling the crowd he had text messages on his phone from Dana White and we should all stay tuned for exciting news on his next fight, even hinting it would be held in Toronto!


DubBrat is having a 3 day lie down to recover and we believe Michael is doing the same post meeting. You can find further info on the Gym and their classes and philosophy here - UFC GYM

The Dubai Quiz

16th October 2016

When you say the words 'Pub Quiz' a few things happen, depending on who you are talking to.  People either perk up, these people are too clever, stop talking to them immediately, they mock you, or they look at you like you have two heads.

That is when you will hear the Dubpats Quiz Team 'explaining' The Dubai Quiz. The DubBrat explains that it is a quiz for adults, Mr Dubpats explains that it's 'not like other quizzes and the Dubpats resident design director explains that for him its all about the plasticine.

This is a quiz for people who love the banter, who love fun, and a laugh and not feeling stupid. Whilst there is a General Knowledge round, it is well known as the most boring round of the night. It is different every week and you never know what to expect. From adult anagrams to emoji song titles it's all about using your common sense, your day to day knowledge and being in stitches all night.

Add to this the creative round, which ranges from plasticine to glue, to newspaper, to tin foil, it is a jam packed night of laughter and fun.

The big nod of the night has to go to the quiz star, Betsy Pearl, the little superstar that is the daughter of Catboy and Lorra your quiz hosts. Not only does she give you a run down of the rules, but she then sings you through the music round (hard to tell between her and Sia), and sometimes movie quotes you into madness (she has Trump down to a T) and if you are lucky maybe makes a guest appearance (birthdays and christmases).

All in all, you haven't been to a quiz quite like it. You can 'just quiz' for free, or you can buffet and soft drinks for AED 125 or buffet and 3 free drinks for AED 195, whichever you choose, it is a night full of laughter, banter, heckling and bonus points for knowing that Catboy prefers to refer to Kanye West as something else. Come down, see if you can beat the Dubpats team, we dare you.


"Pick of the Week" was created to bring you a sneak peek into different venues that the various Dubpat team members have visited and love. So this week we have to hand the reins, or should we say wool over to the resident "DubCat". We know she would approve.


Whilst we are regulars of the Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi we are usually patrons of The Dubai Quiz at Industrial Avenue and due to amassing various prizes for being so knowledgeable (ok, lucky) we decided to use 2 of these and have a day at the beach and dinner in Blue Orange


In the midst of our amazing day in and out of the pool (pool bar for the DubBrat), we noticed a pair of frolicking felines. Being cat lovers, we went to investigate. Not only were these 2 furry fools in great condition, they had been to the vets and were sporting the tipped ear that is all the rage for cats that have been speyed / neutered and vaccinated. Content that these 2 friends were happy and in amazing condition, we decided to head off up to the hotel for our dinner.


Imagine our delight when we realized we were not the only people who had access to an all you can eat buffet, the cat duo had their own. A huge feeding station all to themselves, with cold water and plenty of food. It made us feel slightly better about comsuming our own body weight in food at Blue Orange. Those with knowledge of our four legged purrers, know that plenty of cat food available to them means that they can be purrfectly happy (sorry, we had to) living outside. This means the guests can see them playing and frolicking, however they have no desire to beg for food, so keep their distance. Unless you are very very interested in a cuddle (Mr Dubpats) or have sneaked in some treats for them (other guests seemed to have done so).


So a sound round of applause from the entire Dubpats team to the Westin for looking after our feline friends. More than one person we have told this story to has said they would visit just to see the crime fighting duo.


Please note they don’t actually fight crime, but we bet they would if they could.


Do take a picture of the 2 and tag us in it, if you happen to visit them! Let's go for #dubcat

25th September 2016


So here we are writing our first "Pick of the Week" and the venue we are writing about on our first week, is what has actually inspired us to add this section to the website. 


Gaucho has always been a favourite of ours, but for some reason, on our visit this week the penny dropped. It's not just about the amazing food (which is truly amazing), it's about everything else that goes with it. 

We arrived in our taxi right outside the lift that takes you up to the restaurant and as always, we were greeted by a charming young lady who directed us to the correct floor. We were then similarly greeted again at reception and rather than go for the option of an apéritif at the bar, we opted to go straight to our table. The service at our table by the extremely friendly, delightful and knowledgable staff carried on after our meal in the very comfortable lounge area while we enjoyed a Cocktail to finish off our wondeful evening.

We don't really need to go into too much detail about the food, as Gaucho are very well known when it comes to their specialty of superior quality Argentinian Steaks, however we should mention that there are other fantastic options such as seafood and all of the food is equally as incredible. One favourite we must mention and one that went down particularly well with Dub-Brat (yes, she made an appearance) was the absolutely delicious Amaretto Fondant desert.

So back to why the penny dropped on this visit and why Gaucho is such a great place to visit. It's not just the amazing food or the truly wonderful service that they provide, it's that you are also looked after from the second you arrive until the second you leave. This is an International Brand that continues to serve the most amazing food, whilst being made to feel like you are family and that is the reason why we like to go back so often.

Thank you Gaucho and see you very soon.

17th September 2016

180° Brunch @ 360°

2nd October 2016

Winter Is Coming …


This week sees us ‘pick’ 360° and its iconic rooftop down at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. We popped in on Thursday for their evening brunch, where the offering is Pan-Asian, with dim sum and sushi to start, with a sharing plate to follow, spring rolls, tempura, nachos and a whole host of other things to keep your taste buds entertained. There was enough food to sink a battle ship accompanied by either your choice of house spirit, wine or some amazing cocktails (ask for the mule, its incredible). The Dub-Brat asked for ice in her wine and was informed that 3 ice cubes is optimum for wine cooling. The barmen at the rooftop know their apples (or grapes even). They also seem to know their apple shisha, if that is your thing.


The 180° brunch is also available on a Friday from 1-4pm for the day birds. We are beyond delighted to have our outdoor offering back and not only does it mean winter is coming at speed, it means we can sit on the confortable sofas, eat amazing food, drink fab cocktails and stare lovingly at the Burj Al Arab all for the cost of 295dhs.


Good to have you back 360°, we will be seeing you, and you will be seeing us, a lot.


p.s Keep an eye out under the entrance bridge, a tiny black and white kitten lurks. The DubCat has been assured she is part of the 360° family and is well looked after. Try and smuggle her some sushi, she is very grateful. We can confirm.

Bistro Des Arts

9th October 2016

We had heard from quite a few people about this lovely French restaurant called Bistro Des Arts around the back of the Dubai Marina Mall and we happened to get invited there this weekend by friends of ours, so we jumped at the opportunity of going (our friends are quite nice also!).

Slightly confused as to exactly where the restaurant was, we looked on the map of their website and it was actually extremely easy to find. A brief walk through the Mall and outside on the Marina Promenade and there it was.

We arrived a little early, so we decided to have an apéritif at the bar whilst waiting for our friends to arrive. The first impression to us was how very much it actually felt like you could have been in a restaurant on the banks of the river Seine. Everything from the wine menu to the food was typically French and just how it should have been. The food was exquisite, with the Fish and Filet de Boeuf options we chose being thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. We do also have to mention the baked Saint-Marcellin cheese with rustic bread for starter though, as it was simply delicious.

There is a fantastic terrace outside and overlooking the Dubai Marina, however we opted to sit inside given it was a little humid still. We shall definitely be back however and next time this will be the option to go for.

Thank you for looking after us (even though you won't have known we were there) and see you again soon Bistro Des Arts

The Race to Dubai

22nd November 2016

It's been a very busy week for Dubpats again, although we did manage to get a nice long weekend of "work" in, spent at The Race to Dubai at Jumeirah Golf Estates. It's probably a little unfair to call it work when we had so much fun!

If there's one thing Dubai does well, it's a big event and this is certainly up there with the biggest. Thousands of people turned up to watch the final tournament of the European Tour and some of the world's greatest golfers came out to play and provide some fantastic viewing for those who made it up to this great venue.

We were very privileged to have been invited to the amazing Clubhouse by some friends of ours, so had a great time with the great atmosphere and plenty of fantastic food and beverages on offer. We did however manage to pull ourselves away to watch plenty of golf over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed being able to get so close to the players, something we're told is not anywhere near as easy with other tournaments across the globe.

There were actually two winners on the final day, with ex Dubai resident Henrik Stenson picking up the Trophy for winning the Race to Dubai and England's Matthew Fitzpatrick for winning the week tournament. 

If you haven't been to the Race to Dubai previously, we would highly recommend you get it in your diary for next year as soon as possible!

We're off to the Driving Range and we'll be back with another "Pick of the Week" next week. Thanks for reading!

A night at the Races

6th December 2016

It's been another very busy couple of weeks for Dubpats. This season seems to be a lot busier than last year and we're certainly making the most of it. You can always keep up to date on what we are up to through our social media channels.

So, and on to this weeks pick of the week! This week we simply have to pick our fantastic evening at Meydan for the races on Thursday evening.

Firstly, we had to pick where we wanted to watch the race and we decided to go for the Silks Restaurant -

The package on offer was for dinner and drinks, and it seemed far too good to be true. We paid AED 425 per head for dinner and house beverages and that includes entrance and parking (we picked up the car the next day!). Well as far as value for money goes, we simply couldn't believe it. As Meydan hosts the world cup it didn't come as surprise it being a world class venue, but it was more than that. The beverages kept flowing, the food was absolutely superb, with so much to choose from (they had one of the best roast turkey's we've ever had) and the view over the track for the racing from the balcony was incredible.

The next time you're thinking about booking a Friday brunch, maybe book a Thursday evening at the Races for something different. You won't be dissapointed!